Top-Ranked Business Strategist, Clarity & Podcast Coach for Mompreneurs
You feel called to start a business or brand, but you don't know where to start. The ideas are flowing but the how-to is keeping you stuck. Or maybe, you have a brand but it isn't growing. What's next? What are you missing? Or, you need to scale your audience and start making MONEY but need help with the how, strategy and implementation.

Hi. I'm Stef. My gift is helping women get CLARITY on what they were created to do and then guiding them on the strategy to do it most effectively. I thrive on helping you define a roadmap of what exactly to do to grow your audience, make money in your business, and find more success so you can HAVE MORE TIME. Because at the end of the day... it's about making an impact while being present for what actually matters. Ya feel me, friend?

I have helped hundreds of women launch and scale successful, profitable podcasts and create fun, evergreen income using e-courses and coaching businesses.

I LOVE helping you step into God's call over your life and unlocking the potential you have inside. Let's get it.
After working with Stefanie privately for the past four months, I can honestly say it has far exceeded my expectations!

Not only did my podcast grow and become a focal point for generating leads but.....

I was able to create and launch my first digital signature course in just 90 days!

And I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy.

I now have the confidence to create my next product, know exactly how to put everything together, and I’m ready to begin serving my clients even deeper over the next few months.

Having Stefanie as my coach, mentor, and friend helped to get me somewhere I don’t believe I could’ve gotten on my own. Grateful God brought us together.

-Tracy Wren | Faith To Freedom
Business, Clarity, & Podcast Coaching

Private, 1:1 Business, Clarity and Podcast Coaching with Stef. What does that mean? It means me and you 1:1, over Zoom digging into every nook and cranny of your business. Coming up with the 4-tiers of brand creation like title, tagline, description, and categories. Or, mapping out an online course or program together. Or, maybe we are discussing launch strategy or growing your audience. Coaching is unlimited to YOU and what you need to fulfill your mission, successfully. 

You can pick from personalized clarity, business, and podcast mentorship programs ranging from the most popular "Power-Hour Session", to advanced business & podcast coaching where you get monthly coaching from Stefanie to not only fully implement, but to personally guide you to success. Accountability and ongoing strategy is so key to success!
By working with Stef, you can get clarity over your calling, a plan of action for your business, help planning and launching your new podcast, guidance on how to monetize your brand (such as mapping out an online course or starting a coaching business). Stefanie can help you go from confused, overwhelmed, and stuck to profitable and thriving in a fun, passive way that doesn't have you working 24/7.

Email us at for the current Private Podcast Coaching Menu!​​
Chelsi Jo was able to launch a successful podcast, grow a following, start a coaching business, and launch a new passive income course, all in 6 months of working 1:1 with Stefanie.
"Stefanie is an absolute genius! Having a coaching session with her was a complete game changer for my brand. I left our call with a greater sense of purpose, and a lot more clarity than I had going into our meeting. I feel so blessed that God allowed us to meet. I will definitely be using her services again. I highly recommend Stefanie to anyone who is looking for a business coach."
"Stefanie is amazing! I’ve been stuck in what my next step in my business is for 6 months and during my coaching session with Stefanie she knew all the right questions to ask me to pull out my next step and all the details that go with it. She laid absolutely everything out for me on what and how to do my next step including names and pricing. She is so amazing and if you have a business, you NEED to hire her! You will be amazed at her knowledge! And if you want to create passive income (don’t we all?!) she’s your gal!"
Curious and unsure if coaching is right for you? Listen to me give LIVE CLARITY, BUSINESS, & PODCAST COACHING below!
How do I know if I am ready for coaching?

Personally I know I'm ready for coaching, mentorship, or a new course whenever I feel stuck. Or, when I'm too comfortable. Coaching is a must to get you past your own limitations. And, every time I've ever invested in a coach, event, or course I see that investment multiply within months. I am usually in my own way! Haha.

How much does coaching cost?

Pricing varies based on what on what you are looking for! I believe in offering affordable coaching that is enough of a stretch to inspire you to take massive action. I do not publish my prices because they are updated once a year. Please email us for the current coaching menu.

If you are a Podcast Pro Student you have access to special pricing on strategy sessions. Email me to book.

What if I have no idea what I want to do?

Then girl, let's get CLARITY! It makes me sad when my students and clients tell me they waited to get coaching because they felt confused and unsure. That is WHAT I DO. Literally. I help women just like you figure out 'your thing'. I am able to navigate all the ideas and brainstorm WITH you to fine-tune your genius and put it together so you have a clear plan of action. Trust me on this!

Do you help entrepreneurs who already have a brand, business, and podcast?

Sure do! Typically I help women who already have a brand, business and or podcast with monetization ideas. I also help them with advanced growth strategies. Unsure if I can help you with something specific, simply ask! I love to get voice DM's on IG!

Is 1:1 better than a course?

It depends on how you like to learn. Also, how self-motivated are you to implement what you learn? Those of you who can take a simple course and dig in, courses are a great option. They are usually less expensive than 1:1 coaching. Cons? You don't get help implementing and you don't get personalized help on YOUR business, brand and issues. Private coaching is so successful because it's my eyes on what you need. Specific steps and accountability to make sure you see our ideas through.

What's your availability look like? When can we begin?

We can usually start as soon as 1-2 weeks out, but it depends. 

What if I am unhappy?

I would hope that I can gift you everything you need to get the answers, roadmap, and clarity you need. To date, I have never had an unhappy client or student (and that is out of 100's!). I would recommend listening to some of my coaching episodes above to see if we would be a good fit. Also, shoot me a voice DM on IG if you have ANY questions! @stefaniegass

In full transparency, we do not offer refunds on coaching or courses.
No exceptions.

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Stef has taught me so much! She’s dedicated to bringing out the gifts of each woman in her tribe. She spends the time with you brainstorming, answering questions, and just helping you figure all the stuff out! She doesn’t let you struggle with the things that don’t matter- she knows how to figure out where you want to go and she’s super talented in helping you to create a plan to get there. She truly wants to see you win! Stefanie is great at being both gentle and kick butt. She knows when to comfort you and when to push you outside of your comfort zone.

Stef has helped me to finally put together a workflow that focuses on getting the most important things in my business done. I’m not spending all of my time on the wrong things anymore! My business is growing, I’m much more realistic about my goals, and my workflow allows me to focus on the things that light up my life, which helps me to best meet the needs of my tribe.
I would recommend Stef to any mama boss that is looking for a coach to help them get their biz life together and start moving forward toward success.

Host of the podcast Real Talk For Teens and Young Adults
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Stefanie is just amazing! I have had great success with network marketing and decided that I want to get into coaching to help other women do the same. I was confused where to start, lacked a plan and was overwhelmed. After working with Stefanie I have so much clarity, have completed my first course and am looking forward to several future courses to come! She gave me specific, actionable tasks and we mapped out an exact plan and executed it. Not to mention I can't even believe how much she taught me about social media!! She is a wealth of knowledge, one of the most genuine people I've met and an ubelievable coach. By far one of the best investments I have ever made. I truly can't say enough! XO